Yoga Teacher and Retreat Leader


About me, Meegan Bradley.


My teaching style is friendly and open

I have been teaching, in many disciplines, for over 15 years. I began teaching while working in the forests of Canada. I taught 18-25 year olds how to plant trees in snow, rain and extreme heat ALL while avoiding bears and cougars! I then spent a year in Australia teaching art in secondary school.

My travels then took me to England where I then spent 10 years teaching secondary school in Hackney.

I have been a yoga teacher for 4 years now running my yoga studio, teaching classes and workshops and running yoga retreats around the world.

I discovered Yoga while teaching in Hackney, unable to switch off from work and completely stressed, this introduction to Hotpod Yoga would ultimately change the course of my life.

I was wrong. My introduction to Hotpod showed me the power of connecting breath and movement, whilst being in the inclosure of the pod which allowed me to forget about other life stresses. Falling hard I decided to do my YTT 200hr and open my own Hotpod Yoga studio in Margate.

I have met, sweated with and become friends with such wonderful women and men during this time, it has completely surpassed my expectations. The stories and the experiences of the people I have grown to know have humbled me to my core.

“An adrenaline junkie and lifetime yo-yo dieter and HIT workout or go home mentality I never thought yoga would be for me.”

Strip everything back; the ego, the poses, the world of instagram, yoga is moving and breathing, sharing a part of yourself on the mat, letting go and taking time for yourself.

This is the point. It isn’t alignment, it isn’t party-trick poses and it isn’t the calories burnt.

My teaching and personality are tightly woven together and have always been.

This is the point. It isn’t alignment, it isn’t party-trick poses and it isn’t the calories burnt.

I consider this openness, heart on sleeve style, a strength which has allowed me to have strong relationships with those I teach and encounter.

My teaching style is creative, challenging and inspired by the love of anatomy.

Recently embracing the body positive movement and my own body I am truly moved by the uniqueness and power of everyone’s individual bodies and my classes aim to have each student feel more gratitude towards their own bodies. I believe in alignment to a certain extent but only when it aids, supports and strengthens someone’s own body.

Never being dogmatic in my approach to teaching and alignment I encourage my students to explore how poses feel when engaging specific muscles, instead empowering them to know when their body feels stronger in a pose rather than uncomfortable and uncertain.

Yoga is not a competition. I want fellow yoga teachers to be the best, most knowledgeable and confident teachers they can be. Working with them to improve their own teaching and practice also supports my own learning and development. I have completed a yoga for sport certification and strongly believe all athletes should incorporate yoga into their training schedule.

Health and fitness is about moving your body in a way that sparks joy in your life.

It isn’t #fitspo, it isn’t a specific BMI and it isn’t punishing your body.

I embrace joyful movement, laughing while sweating and never taking yourself too seriously. This is what you will get with me before, during or after classes.