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The last few weeks I’ve been chatting a lot about mindset and what this means for us personally and in regards to the people we care about.

Most of us don’t spend enough time really breaking down our mindset or working on improving it. Many people believe our mindsets are fixed (scarcity mindset trait) and that there’s nothing we can do about it. I say this with confidence because I used to be one of those people. I thought my mindset was inherited, formed as a child, and that it was inherently me.

It wasn’t until my negative mindset started to adversely affect my relationship that I decided to take serious action and see if there was something I could do about it.

I was negative. Most people wouldn’t have thought so as I was quite bubbly and confident but inside everything was going wrong. I would constantly berate myself, put myself down, call myself fat and ugly. My inner critic would sometimes get so aggressive that it would keep me from going out completely and give me stomach aches.

I suffered with crippling comparison. Everyone was smarter than me, dressed better than me, was funnier than me, had a better business than me, was more successful than me…the list never ended.

I would allow these negative thoughts to infiltrate into my relationship and would be constantly angry or annoyed with the people I loved most. I didn’t think they loved me and I assumed they would leave me so I pushed them away, I shut off to them or I picked ridiculous arguments with them. 


I was desperately unhappy. I felt trapped in my negative thoughts. I knew there were moments where I didn’t feel this way but I couldn’t control it and felt completely lost. My disordered eating was happening almost daily and when I started purging again I knew I needed help.

I worked with a mindset and healthy eating coach, Nichola Jane Hobbs, for almost a year and realised the biggest thing I needed to do to help myself was look after myself.

During this time I started to unpick where my negative mindset traits came from and ways to improve it. It didn’t all miraculously become sunshine and roses after a year. It is a continuous process and I am always striving to make progress.

Without putting routines into place and learning skills to help me control my negative thoughts and to reframe the way I spoke, looked and and engaged with the world making this change would have been impossible.

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So what is the 7 Day Positivity Challenge?

Firstly it’s going to be FUN!

We are going to let our guards down and try out some new things. Some will feel silly and weird and funny and you’ll probably laugh at yourself (I encourage this) and some will really click with you.

Secondly, you’re going to have to commit to the 7 days and push yourself.

I know life can run away with you but I want you to set aside 10-20 minutes each day that you’ll dedicate to this challenge. Set your alarm earlier, watch a little bit less TV, stop the scroll, do whatever you need to do to carve this time out for yourself. This is really the first step to living a more positive life. 

Thirdly, have an open mind!

Listen there isn’t one shoe fits all when it comes to shifting your mindset away from scarcity and negativity. I’ve tried things that feel right instantly, I’ve tried things that I wasn’t sure about and worked at them to find a fit and then I’ve tried things and knew right away they just weren’t for me. During the 7 days we will be dipping our toes into a series of different methods to help create a more positive and abundant mindset.

Go into each day letting go of judgement and preconceived notions and just see what feels right physically, mentally and spiritually! 


Step one is to make sure that you have signed up for the challenge! Link is just above and at the end of the blog in case you missed it! One you’ve signed up you will receive a welcome email. Check your junk and promotion folder and if you can’t find it send me an email at hello@meeganbradley.com and I can look into this for you.

In your welcome email you’ll get a few bits to get you started before the challenge starts including some blog posts to read, joining the Facebook Group and starting to think about your own mindset.

We kick off on March 1st starting the month with intention and action! You’ll be asked to hop into the Facebook Group and introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about why you’ve decided to take this challenge. Being active and a part of the community is super important and highly beneficial. It connects you to other like minded people as well as helps to keep you accountable and engaging in the challenge content! 

Each morning (it’ll be early) you’ll receive an email in your inbox with a video tutorial on a new skill or tool to help up-level your mindset. In this email expect a positivity quote, a video recording from me and a task to do in the Facebook group.

Tutorial Videos
✓ meditation for comparison⁣

✓ Yoga for happy movement

✓ Breath work to enliven your energy and spirit

✓ Yoga nidra for transformation

✓ ⁣Visualisation of where you want to be

✓ Affirmations to create confidence

✓ Gratitude to remind you to be present

Each day at 2pm I will be going live for a quick coaching call on a range of ways to stay positive and abundant. If you can’t make the live don’t worry because you can access these in the group later.


This 7 days is going to be accessible and easy to follow. I am not gonna get to ‘woo woo’ and you’ll be able to complete the video tutorial daily. Time commitment is less than 30 minutes a day! 

Expect the Facebook group to be active and support you along the way and help keep you accountable in completing the daily tasks. 

Expect to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Expect to learn something new, learn something about yourself and become more positive. You will have a better understanding of your own mindset and negative patterns and start to feel empowered in making small and subtle shifts into a mindset that is more positive and abundant!

Expect me to be cheering you on every step of the way! 




This is a great way to kickstart a positive shift in your mindset. Remember making changes to move away from negative narratives and into a more abundant mindset don’t have to be huge.

Join me on March 1st for 7 days of simple and accessible tools that you can use daily, weekly, yearly to help create a more positive and abundant mindset. 

You really lose NOTHING by joining.

Simply fill in the form below to join and make a change today!

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Meegan Bradley

Meegan Bradley

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