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    Mindset seems to be one of those trendy terms that’s getting volley’d around in wellness and business circles at the moment.

    This is true but the reality is that the idea isn’t new and the ways to improve your mindset aren’t new either. What might be true is that more and more people are becoming aware of their own mindsets and are interested in how to up-level to a more abundant mindset. Your mindset and belief system affect everything in your life from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you.

    In order to achieve your goals, your mindset needs to match your aspirations, otherwise, it might be holding you back from getting where you want to be.


    In all honesty I never really thought about my mindset or the effect this was having on my life until I started running my own business. Left to my own devices and having to run the show on my own I was forced to confront my mindset and how my negativity was holding me back.

    It cast a shadow on my goals, my achievements and it took the joy out of life. I was creating my own misery and frustrations and it wasn’t until I hit a wall and was close to burnout that I had to take a DEEP look into my mindset and put in the work to change it.

    It wasn’t one thing, it isn’t one size fits all…it’s small steps, habit changing behaviour that cumulatively start to create a shift in your mindset. As I’ve worked on having a more abundant mindset and I’ve let go of lack and scarcity mindset I’ve seen that my goals and dreams have become bigger and more ambitious. 

    Have you identified some of your mindset roadblocks and hurdles? If not head HERE to read my blog that helps you to identify if you’re struggling with a negative mindset.

    And if you know you want to work on up-levelling here are 7 FAB ways you can start turning your mindset around now.

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    It’s your mindset we’re talking about and no one else’s right?

    So babes, we gotta start with you. What’s that voice in your head saying? We call this the inner critic. Spend some time with her/him/them. What are they saying, how are they feeling, what are their worries?

    Get a cup of tea and really start to unpick the words you’re saying to yourself. How you choose to react to these words is completely in your control. If you are telling yourself “I am not good enough to achieve my dreams”, your thoughts will create your reality and your mindset will hold you back from having the life you want.

    Can you start to subtly shift your negative self talk? Little things like looking in the mirror and not picking apart the way you look but instead smiling back at yourself and saying something nice, if you can’t say something nice (yet) walk away before you start to say something negative.

    When you’re about to walk into a meeting or interview don’t start belittling yourself and jumping to failure conclusions instead remind yourself of your worth and repeat it in your head. To upgrade your mindset, we need to be our biggest cheerleaders.

    It might sound cliché, but telling yourself “I can do this” or “I got this”, really bloody works. Start small. Write one statement and say it as many times as you can this week.


    Bring a notebook around with you for a day and write down the words or simple make a mark every time you say a negative word like ‘can’t’ or an excuse or why you can’t do something or a judgemental statement about someone else.

    You might shock yourself. The words you use OUT LOUD are going to have an impact on your mindset. After changing your inner thought dialogue and the story you are telling yourself, change the way you talk to other people.

    You really want to start to avoid phrases like “I am always like this” or “I am always doing this” as it’s keeping you in a holding pattern cage that won’t let you grow or expand.

    It’s hard right now with the global pandemic to not talk about negative things but could you try to make it a habit to talk about the things that are going well in your life instead of complaining and talking about your problems? This will encourage a mindset of abundance instead of fear and lack.


    It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the Miracle Morning and starting your day with intent.

    It might not happen EVERY morning for me but my mornings (6am-7:30am) are mind and they’re special. Make a list of a few things that would be great for you to do to start your day and things that zap your energy or spray. 

    Good things:






    -courses or learning 

    Less good: 





    Struggle to wake up early? That’s okay – how can you set a mid-morning routine? Also look at how you sleep, what you eat, and your activity levels to identify anything that could be stealing your energy.


    Get your hands on inspirational books, biographies and magazines.

    Read words from other great minds and try to adopt their way of thinking. If you struggle to read why not try audio books or even podcasts!

    Some of the biggest inspirations I’ve had over the last few years has come from podcasts I’ve listened to. Take courses online or in person. They might be related to your business or work or maybe they’re not, maybe you fancy learning how to make pasta or play the guitar! 

    Check out my list from my previous blog for my favourite books, podcasts and courses to help up-level your mindset


    Have you had a long hard look at the friends you spend your time with?

    A negative social circle will act as an echo chamber for bad ideas. Do your friends have a negative mindset? Watch their behaviour, their words and how they treat you.

    We want to have a circle of friends that will literally be there for us cheering us on through the dark times and the hard times. They will be the ones that support your dreams and have dreams of their own too.

    You want to have friends that reflect the values you want to embrace. If you don’t have many friends like this start to plonk yourself in situations where people with abundant mindsets hangout. Teams, groups online, networking socials or anything with a focus on personal growth will attract people who the mindset you’re trying to cultivate. 

    You might not want to ditch all your old friends, and that’s not what I’m suggesting but rather that you evaluate and weigh up if some of your relationships are persistently draining and unhealthy.

    Once you begin to shift your negative mindset to a more positive one you’ll find that you will naturally attract like minded people towards you too!


    Again, not a secret, I am a BIG fan of gratitude.

    This isn’t because it’s something I’ve been doing for years and years and we are old friends. It’s actually because I never used to practice gratitude and when I began to incorporate it into my life it was the single most impactful thing I did that shifted my mindset. There are a few fun ways you can put some gratitude practices into your life:

    Gratitude Journal:

    This one is simple. Set yourself a certain number each night. I did 20 because I was HELLA negative but you could do 5 or 10. At the end of the day when you get into bed or maybe after dinner write a list of the things you’re grateful for. It’s gonna be hard at the start but as you do this more and more you’ll notice that throughout your day you start to take note of the awesome things that are happening. This is the change. It’s not how easily you can write 20 things at the end of the night but it’s how in the moment you can stop and be grateful for what you have. 

    Send thank you notes.

    This one is fun for both parties! The simple gesture of sending a thank you note can be empowering. Not only does it feel good and uplevel your mindset but you’re also making other people happy too! This will also strengthen your relationships and connections, because people like to feel appreciated.Challenge yourself to write at least 1 thank you note a week. It doesn’t have to be something massive and if you can don’t send it digitally. A hand written card goes 100 times further!

    Turn your to-do list into a sport

    Do you like making lists? Why not write down some of the big to-dos you have to do in the week and set yourself a goal or number at the start of the week you need to complete to win. Why not compete with someone else in your house or a friend? You can decide the prize at the start of the week if you win or achieve the number you wanted to complete. I mean mine would be pizza, it’s always pizza, and that’s gonna make ticking off the to-do items even sweeter! 


    Listen I get it. I love a comfort zone. It’s easy, it’s simple, you know what you’re getting BUT you’re not going to be feeding a growth mindset while you’re still wearing your water wings!

    If you put yourself in situations that challenge you, you have no other choice than to rise to the occasion and upgrade your mindset. It becomes a necessity to survive, swim harder, peddle faster and in the end you might surprise yourself when you’re head’s still above water and your knees aren’t grazed.

    Not sure where to start? Start dreaming-where would you like to be in 5 or 10 years. THEN write out an action plan. Set yourself some progress goals and think about looking at the possibilities. Forward thinking will move your focus away from where you don’t want to be to where could be.

    Struggling to start taking the steps to get started? Get an accountability partner or invest some of your money into one of your targets (for example a course or coach) and see how this will force you to get the ball rolling. 



    This is a great way to kickstart a positive shift in your mindset. Remember making changes to move away from negative narratives and into a more abundant mindset don’t have to be huge.

    Join me on March 1st for 7 days of simple and accessible tools that you can use daily, weekly, yearly to help create a more positive and abundant mindset. 

    You really lose NOTHING by joining. Simply fill in the form below to join and make a change today!

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