Want to have more hip mobility that allows you to move with more ease? Our hips are strong and powerful but for most people they are tight and unbalanced. Join the HAPPY HIPS course and find more mobility, freedom and happiness in the way you move.


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Alright so why start with the hips if you’re going to do a mobility course?

Well there’s a few reasons

  1. Our hips are almost always tight
  2. They are pretty central so issues can travel both up and down stream
  3. We spend most of our time sitting so we need to balance this out
  4. The hips are STRONG so hip injury is often very rare


Our hips have 17+ muscles and connective tissue surrounding them and these need attention. The hips are very strong, but strong often comes with tightness. We make our hips tight. Most of us spend a lot of time sitting in a car, on a couch or at a desk. This keeps our hips in constant flexion (shortening of the joint) and makes our hip flexors tight. We need to balance this out with taking the joint in other directions like extension.


Symptoms of tight or immobile hips can become very uncomfortable or painful and overtime, left untreated, can get a lot worse


  • Tightness or an ache in your lower back, especially when standing.
  • Poor posture and difficulty standing up straight.
  • Neck tightness and pain.
  • Pain in the glutes.
  • sudden, sharp pain in the hip or pelvis after trauma to the area
  • a cramping or clenching sensation in the muscles of the upper leg area
  • the upper leg feeling tender and sore
  • loss of strength in the front of the groin along with a tugging sensation
  • muscle spasms in the hip or thighs
  • inability to continue kicking, jumping, or sprinting
  • reduced mobility and discomfort when moving, including limping
  • discomfort and pain in the upper leg area, which feels constant
  • swelling or bruising around the hip or thigh area
  • tightness or stiffness after being stationary, such as after sleeping


This course is designed to get you feeling happier in your Hips. You’ll be taken through Vinyasa flow classes, Yin postures and Gravity yoga postures. Expect to work hard, feel uncomfortable but see hip mobility gains. 

You will find reduced pain and soreness in all areas of the body through developing more range of motion in the hips.

Struggle to squat? Can’t get comfortable in a back bend? Splits – NO WAY! Pigeon pose brings tears to your eyes? Want to find more space, improve your yoga practice, get moving in a way that is comfortable and easy? THIS IS YOUR COURSE!

Finding more mobility and flexibility in the hips takes dedicated practice but the good news is it can be as little as 15 minutes daily to see progress! Everyone can do this and everyone can see change. I have created a course that will combine vinyasa yoga, breathing techniques, gravity yoga and fun to open up your hips!


Improving your hip mobility will not only increase sports performance (running, yoga, crossfit), but can also help prevent lower back pain/injury and boost reflex movements. Good hip flexibility encourages you to perform movements more efficiently. Lower back injury is a common injury among, if mobility and strength in the hips are limited, you will then compromise movements with your back muscles.  Lastly, having a full range of motion in the hips can help increase an strength. 

  1. Releasing Stress – One of the main benefits of hip openers is stretching and strengthening muscles that are directly connected to our stress response.
  2. Supporting Lower Back – Tight hips cause strain on the lower back by asking for too much effort from the spine. When hips are open, there is more range of movement, better circulation, and more support for the muscles of the back and the spine.
  3. Alignment – Hip openers can help the joints of the lower back, hips and legs to come into better alignment. Working with strength and flexibility in the hips can help to re-align this supportive space for greater and stronger mobility.
Meegan Bradley

Meegan Bradley

Yoga Trainer & Wellness Coach

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Struggle to squat? Can’t get comfortable in a back bend? Splits – NO WAY! Pigeon pose brings tears to your eyes? Want to find more space, improve your yoga practice, get moving in a way that is comfortable and easy? THIS IS YOUR COURSE! In this course you will have timed dedicated classes with only three postures. These will focus on time under passive tension, a Gravity Yoga principle, relaxing into the postures and breathing.
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