1-2-1 Yoga With Meegan.




Looking for a bespoke yoga session for yourself? Not sure where to start? Dream big about what you want from exercise, yoga or your body and let me plan a bespoke yoga course for you. Think beyond the body and let’s focus on the mind and the heart. Choosing to invest in yourself with 1:1 sessions is exactly what you need! Feel empowered in your body, inspired by what you can achieve and connected to a teacher who really cares.


1:1 session block-60 minutes:


1:1 session block-60 minutes:

Single 60 minute session

Single 60 minute session:

Areas of support in classes:

  • If you’re brand new to yoga and feeling a bit nervous
  • If you’ve been practicing for a while and want to step it up
  • If you’re wanting to work on specific skills or postures
  • If you’re suffering with an injury
  • If you’re recovering from a surgery
    – pre-natal
    – post-natal
  • If you’re about to do your Yoga Teacher Training
  • If you’re a new yoga teacher looking for teaching tips or coaching


We will have a 30 minute exploration call or meeting where will will discuss what you want to achieve out of our 1:1 sessions. I will gain an understanding or your yoga or non-yoga practice to date, any injuries you’re dealing with, what your strengths and weaknesses are and where you want to go with your yoga. Do you have any specific goals? Mobility? Reduction of pain? Confidence? Strength? Weight loss? Headstands? Once we know what we want to achieve in our time together I will then create a bespoke set of yoga classes for you and we can get sweating! This is a journey for you and your goals-I will help you work towards succeeding in them. 

My teaching style is non-judgemental and friendly. There is no ‘bad’ at yoga but there are ways that we can use our own personal alignment and body awareness to improve mobility and strength. We can get lost sometimes in classes with the queues the teachers are giving can feel general, fast or we simply don’t understand sanskrit! Working with me in a 1:1 session will leave you with more clarity, strength and confidence which will help empower you in your yoga practice moving forward.

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